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About Us

Litmus Health provides end-to-end solutions for clinical trial data capture, monitoring, and analysis. We are research-ready infrastructure for wearables and sensor data. Our goal is to help researchers increase the certainty of their conclusions and describe the full value of their digital clinical trials.

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Litmus Health provides end-to-end solutions for clinical trial data capture, monitoring, and analysis. We are research-ready infrastructure for wearables and sensor data. Our goal is to help researchers increase the certainty of their conclusions and describe the full value of their digital clinical trials.

We work primarily with researchers conducting clinical trials and observational studies that focus on both oncology and complex chronic inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s and Colitis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and rheumatoid arthritis. Our partners are interested in leveraging wearable data in clinical trials, and we aim to support them with integrated solutions for real-life data.

We’re medical informatics and machine learning experts, but we’ve found time and time again that you’re only as good as the data you possess. Data engineering is at the heart of our customers’ greatest challenges. Data science is the most exciting part of what we do, but no model matters if wearables data is not properly positioned, well-stewarded, and fully auditable.
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Mission Critical: Quality of Life

We believe health-related quality of life is the ultimate endpoint. Our mission is to make this universally true. The pharma and research industries have traditionally focused on living longer. Today, we’re seeing a shift to treatments that help us live better, too. A stronger focus on quality of life will dramatically improve patients’ lives and fundamentally change how we both approve and market new drug therapies.
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Executive Team

Litmus Health was founded by an interdisciplinary team of healthcare, bioinformatics, and software engineering experts. Our skill set spans big data, computer science, hands-on clinical care, research, world-class design, and decades of venture class business operations.

  • Daphne Kis

    Co-Founder, Business and Operations

    Daphne is a visionary, strategist and operator having been at the forefront of identifying, chronicling, and transforming trends in technology for decades. She spent nearly twenty years as CEO of EDventure Holdings, where she published Release 1.0, the premiere report on emerging trends in technology and produced PC Forum, the canonical conference that helped catalyze many of the breakthroughs that modern technology users take for granted today. Daphne is a strong believer in the power of data to help individuals make better decisions about their health outcomes having invested in several health-related startups. Along with her work at Litmus Health, Daphne serves on the board of directors of WorldQuant University, a non-profit whose mission is to make advanced, quality education accessible to capable students everywhere by leveraging technology at scale to deliver entirely online, tuition-free programs.

  • Sam Volchenboum, MD, PhD

    Sam Volchenboum, MD, PhD

    Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

    Sam Volchenboum, MD, PhD, is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Litmus and directs the Center for Research Informatics. Litmus is Sam’s brainchild, combining his expertise in both clinical research and medical informatics. Sam has a masters in informatics from MIT, and PhD from Mayo, and has spent almost 20 years as a practicing pediatric oncologist.

    Frustrated with the inefficiencies he observed in clinical care and medical research, Sam began developing new tools for collecting, processing, and managing medical data. His entire career has been dedicated to making medicine more data-driven with computer science and informatics.

  • Josh Jones-Dilworth

    Josh Jones-Dilworth

    Co-Founder, Sales and Marketing

    As a co-founder of Litmus Health, Josh Jones-Dilworth brings 15 years of sales, marketing and business development experience, having started his pharma career working with Merck and Pfizer. Josh is the voice of the customer on our team.

    Josh has since brought more than 150 emerging technology companies to market, including Siri, Wolfram Alpha, Roku, and dozens of spinouts from incubators and CROs like SRI and Vulcan. In healthcare and bioinformatics specifically, Josh has launched and helped grow Clear Labs, ZocDoc, Kernel, MyAsics, Bina, and Fuzionaire. Josh also teaches at the Acton School of Business in the MBA program in Entrepreneurship.

  • Dominiek Ter Heide

    Dominiek Ter Heide

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dominiek has incubated and grown numerous technology products at the intersection of data and machine learning. Along the way he has authored 19 patents (12 granted, and 7 pending). Dom is experienced in all aspects of building technology companies. He has more than 15 years of full-stack software engineering experience. Dom has spent the last 7 years scaling big data systems and building enterprise-grade stream processing platforms.

    Dom started coding from young age. He entered the software industry at age 16 and was a CTO by age 23. He is repsonsible for making sure that Litmus is optimally architected and obsessively configured for both scientific rigor and regulatory oversight.

Advisory Board

We could never get to where we’re going alone. These advisors keep us connected, informed, and accountable. They are each a leader in their field who fills a gap for us in terms of experience and expertise. We are incredibly thankful for their unending support and advocacy.

  • Dr. Sam Blackman

    MD, PhD, Head of Clinical Development at Mavupharma, Inc.
  • Prof. Ian Foster

    Prof. Ian Foster

    Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Distinguished Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Esther Dyson

    Esther Dyson

    Chairman, EDventure Holdings; Executive Founder, Way to Welville
  • Dr. Rebecca Kush

    Dr. Rebecca Kush

    Founder and former CEO, CDISC; Scientific Innovation Officer, Elligo Health Research
  • Dr. David Rubin

    Dr. David Rubin

    Joseph B. Kirsner Professor of Medicine at University of Chicago; Section Chief, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
  • Dr. Richard Schwartz

    Dr. Richard Schwartz

    President and CEO, Pensa Systems
The University of Chicago
National Cancer Institute
National Institutes of Health

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